Sunday, November 18, 2012

Shop Small! Crafts by Danielle Walden

If you've talk to me for long, I'll start bragging about my crafty neighbor Danielle Walden, especially how she helped me decorate my table at the Georgia Author of the Year Awards (you can see that post HERE).

I was especially impressed with the table runner made from a rain-damaged copy of Darker Than Any Shadow, which would have had a sad existence in the recycle bin otherwise, and with the wine charms she made featuring scenes from my mystery series (see photo at left).

She also made a charm bracelet and pins with images of my book covers. And some of the cutest little giveaway pins for me to distribute at Bouchercon to the librarians and bloggers and reviewers who have been so generous to me during this whole author thing. Here's a photo of those (my favorites are the "cancelled dates" pin and the "I Think; Therefore I'm Dangerous" pin).

You can see more of Danielle's work in her Facebook Album "Things I Make": You can find that HERE.

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