Monday, November 26, 2012

Shop Small! Artworx Art Cards

These are handcrafted by my friend Deb, and until you hold one in your hand, you can't possibly appreciate how soul-filling they are -- part greeting card, part bookmark, part wall hanging, all art. Here's a photo of her holiday offerings, just to whet your appetite.

 Here's how Deb describes the process that brought Artworx Art Cards into being:
"Words and especially writing thank you notes were never my strong suit.  But making art… well that’s what I do. One year I decided to make a piece of art to send as a thank you that grew out of the work I was currently doing – assemblages.  Assemblages are artistic compositions created from assembling found objects.  Poking around my studio I found all kinds of  fun “found” objects – pieces of drawings, clock parts, string, special papers, sealing wax and lots more.  I created a “card” that said thank you, started assembling and … Voila!… Artworx were born.
They’ve been a huge hit with my family and friends, and I hope that you enjoy sending these worx of art to your friends and family.  I for one enjoy the send as much as the receive."
Visit her website at Or look Artworx up on Facebook HERE. Send a card that's a gift too.

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