Monday, April 10, 2017

How to Catch A Wild Idea: Links and Freebies

Links to the Free Kindle Stories:

"Zero to Sixty"

Tai's been hankering to get behind the wheel since The Dangerous Edge of Things. But when your boyfriend has control issues, sometimes the best laid plans take years to come to fruition.

In this, the epilogue to Reckoning and Ruin, Tai's patience is rewarded and she finally gets her hands on Trey's Ferrari. And it's just as zoom-zoom as you might imagine.

   "Not Even Past"
A lush Victorian B&B, chilled champagne for two, and a top-of-the-line metal detector—Tai Randolph is ready for Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, Trey Seaver—her sexy if somewhat challenging boyfriend—is not cooperating. He rightly suspects that Tai's got more than romance on her mind, and he's determined to uncover her agenda before setting one foot in the bedroom. Tai has one night to convince him that love and sleuthing really do mix, even in a mysterious inn filled with history and stories and maybe even hidden treasure.

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Links for Further Exploration

Matt Cardin's Course in Demonic Creativity: A Writer's Guide to Inner Genius (a FREE e-book available for download as a pdf)

The Chauvet Cave (a.k.a Caverne du Pont d'arc): A website with links to the cave, plus a photographic gallery

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