Monday, December 2, 2013

The Twelve Days of WICKED LITTLE SECRETS: The Eleventh Day

On the eleventh day of Wicked Little Secrets, my true love gave to me . . .

Eleven Intellectual Societies for Women ONLY!

 “My friend Amelia Stone is visiting. A brilliant, brilliant writer and fellow member of the Society for Educated Ladies in the Fields of Literature, Science, and History. We meet here every Thursday. You should come.”

“I would love to,” Dashiell answered.

“Don’t you dare attend that meeting, Dashiell,” Katherine barked. “I invited Miss Taylor, who I can tell is excessively intelligent despite her association with you.” She patted Vivienne’s arm and began to lead her up the stairs. “Anyway, Amelia is writing an article about women who are attracted to terrible men, such as Dashiell. She believes women possess wild, dark natures that male-dominated society has sought to stifle. She says some women express these stunted desires upon rakish men.” She glanced over her shoulder at her cousin. “Well, don’t just loiter about down there, Dashiell.”

“Yes, do hurry up. We’re waiting on you,” Vivienne admonished in her sweet voice, pursing her lips to repress her laughter. Saucy minx. 

“Are you going to express your stunted desires on me?” he asked.

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