Sunday, April 22, 2012

One Mysterious Afternoon, In Macon . . .

Come on in!
Booksellers and Librarians -- without these members of the creative community, those of use who love books and words and all things literary would be out of luck.

There she is!
Which is why I was happy to participate in an event honoring the people who keep our bookstores and libraries running. Sponsored by Sisters in Crime, this one-day celebration brought mystery writers and readers together across the country to say "thank you" for this service. This debut event -- entitled Librarians and Booksellers Solve Mysteries Every Day -- featured SinC members in many different regions of the US and Canada.

I spent Saturday afternoon hanging out at The Golden Bough in Macon, GA. Located in the downtown area, The Golden Bough is a vintage bookstore that also offers new releases, and provides a venue for local music and literary events.

I came prepared to solve mysteries, bearing tarot cards and Krispy Kreme donuts, but alas, no mysteries presented themselves. I thought for a second we had one when I couldn't locate my daughter -- but that was only a mystery for about two seconds. I found her in the stack, reading (see above). Of course.

Or hanging out with China, the owner's greyhound. That's the pair of them, to the right. Nothing like a book and a big, soft dog to make an afternoon perfect.

The Golden Bough is one of my favorite hangouts when I'm visiting Macon. Lush with personality -- and slam chock-full of books -- it's the kind of bookstore that has developed organically, with roots and branches.

The perfect reading room -- quiet, pillowed, and lit with honeyed afternoon light.
Eric -- in there somewhere
Here's some more images from my afternoon at the shop. Many thanks to both Eric the owner (see his photo below, hard at work), and Sisters in Crime for sponsoring the event. I'm looking forward to next year! Count me in for an afternoon of books and mysteries and greyhounds and doughnuts and chili dogs and people who love words.

Heaven? The Golden Bough, actually. Which may be the same thing.

Exhibit A -- A Dog's Life is a Grand Thing

Lunch at Nu-Way Weiners -- Chili Dog all the way
Author Richard Jay Hutto signs and delivers a copy of his book, A Peculiar Tribe of People to Yvonne Whittle
Graffiti discovered on the bathroom wall
Lookit! I know those books!

And that's me. Notice the very cool "handwriting on the wall" wallpaper

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