Monday, February 13, 2012


I recently ran across this amazing review of Darker Than Any Shadow in the online journal Dead Ink. Written by Ian Caithness, the review is very positive (or else I wouldn't be sharing it -- no dummy, me) but even more importantly, the review itself is very well-done. It's smart, sharp, thoughtful, and engages in ideas about the work and suggested by the work, not just the reviewer's personal opinions of the work. Best of all, it's illustrated with this evocative image.

Look at that! It's like a scene I wish I'd written, all angles and shadows and dark potential. There's even a caramel blonde with a backpack traipsing down an alley (probably sneaking out past the annoyed gaze of her secret agent boyfriend).

You can read the review HERE. And please do. And read the other reviews. Reviewing is an art, a genre unto itself, and I am pleased to see a writer and a publication that supports it.

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