Wednesday, June 27, 2012

At the Georgia Author of the Year Awards Banquet and Ceremony

 I had a great time at the Georgia Author of the Year Awards held at Kennesaw State University -- I didn't bring home an award, but I did have a fabulous time meeting fellow nominees, and generally pretending to be at the Oscars.

My thirteen-year-old daughter had an especially swell time -- can't you tell? She's just basking in the glow of her celebrity mom in this shot.

There's a reason I write instead of doing something useful with my life -- wordsmithing is the only real talent I have. I can't math, can't draw, can't paint, can't sing.

So whenever I need craftiness, I call on my neighbor Danielle. She is extremely talented in both imagination and skill, and without her help, my table decor would have been maybe some glitter.  Here's her handiwork.
These wine charms were Danielle's biggest hit -- they went on the glasses at each place setting, and each one represents an image in either The Dangerous Edge of Things, Darker Than Any Shadow, or the upcoming third in the series, Blood, Ash and Bone. See if you can find a snake, a lipstick, a tie, a wolf, a red dress, a fancy purse, a treasure chest, a compass, and a cell phone.

Close-up of the red dress and cell phone
These table runner were stitched up from red and black ribbon and pages of a water-damaged copy of Darker Than Any Shadow. They looked smashing.

A close-up of the centerpiece -- three revolvers make a tripod for that most Southern of blooms, a magnolia. They're all make-believe, of course. Jeez.
And here is the centerpiece the night of the GAYA.

A different view of the table -- note the book Downtown, which was the giveaway for out table. It's by Lifetime Achievement Award winner Ferrol Sams,  and my daughter took it home.
Close-up of the table runner -- words, words, words.